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5 years’ service award and Birthdays

Dawn had an extra special birthday this month as she received her certificate of appreciation and bonus for her 5 years’ service.   Dawn works hard to ensure our residents receive the best care possible.   Staff and residents joined in to celebrate Vio’s special birthday this year.


Jo celebrated her birthday with her Keyworker.  A wonderful evening was planned for Jo to watch her favourite Opera ‘Carmen’. The evening was such as a success a “La Traviata” by Verdi is planned for her 3 year anniversary of living at Arcot House.

COVID Vaccinations

Topsy receiving her first COVID vaccination this month as part of the Government vaccine programme.  At 108 years old, we believe Topsy to be the oldest person in the UK to have received a COVID vaccination.

Jelly drops

These special sweets are designed to boost hydration intake.  Our residents enjoyed sampling the different flavours of the fun and healthy snack.