Dove Court
Seaton Down Hill
Devon EX12 2JD
Office: 01297 23278
Fax: 01297 553811

Company Profile

Doveleigh Care Limited (DLC) is run by Keith and Liz Mills who have been working in care for over 13 years. Keith has a military background and Liz has a nursing background. Keith and Liz started Doveleigh Care Limited with the purchase of Doveridge Care Home, Colyton in 1997. Dove Court Care Home was purchased in 2002.

Both homes have improved dramatically over the years with an ongoing programme of refurbishment and training support for staff.

Doveleigh Care Ltd have managers in place in both homes. Amy Burt is the Senior Manager based at Doveridge and Sue Edgerton is the Manager of Dove Court. Both managers are supported by two Senior Care Officers and a full complement of care staff.

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Dove Court Seaton
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